Happy Father’s Day!

It was Father’s Day.  June 19, 2016.

“What do you want to do?”  I asked Husband.

To which he responded, “I don’t know … stick around home, spend time with the family.”

Hmmm.  That didn’t sound like a lot of fun.  Our pool wasn’t even ready for swimming.  It was still green and we’d decided that morning to empty it and start over.

I had visualizations of a Lake Sunapee Day or Squam Lake Science Center.  Something big, something fun, something that ended with a nice dinner out and great memories to look back on.


Okay.  Let’s get real.  Husband does not like to drive long distances – he never has – and while he does do it, why would he want to on FATHER’S DAY?!  And, we have a crazy monkey boy who absolutely will not tolerate a nice dinner out!  In fact, “Monkey” and “Nice Dinner Out” shouldn’t even be spoken in the same sentence!  He wholly proved that fact a couple weeks ago when we had an early dinner at Legal Seafoods after traipsing through The New England Aquarium.  Add to that, Girlfriend eats buttered pasta and little else.  We can have that at home for way cheaper.

Then an idea hit me.  It was little.  It was simple.  

But it was perfect.

We’ve been wanting to go strawberry picking.  It was the most gorgeous morning outdoors. Our favorite patch was 15 minutes away.  Would Monkey trample the plants?  Probably.  But would he love it?  YES.

So it was settled.  We were going strawberry pickin’.  And later?  Who knew.  Who cared?  It was a gorgeous day.

We were going strawberry pickin’.

It was a blast.  After running up and down the paths, Monkey sat right down and feasted on his favorite fruit.  Girlfriend was more help than she’s ever been on such an excursion. And we left with a strawberry jackpot.  Plus, before we departed for home, we enjoyed some fabulous ice cream sold right there on site from a local vendor.  Normally I don’t eat ice cream but I figured, it’s Father’s Day and we’re about to start summer vacation.

We grilled for dinner.  And I made strawberry shortcake which was the best I’ve ever done.

And we all have the wonderful memories.




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