Why I Hate Facebook (but why I use it)

Sigh.  Facebook.  Most people have one.  I am someone who does.  I’ve tried a few times to deactivate.  I go back.  I even tried twice, recently, to permanently delete it.  There’s a two-week wait before it self-destructs.  But both times, I went back.

I hate Facebook.  It’s supposed to be a place to connect with your friends and family. But it’s way more than that.

I used to behave very badly on Facebook.  I was a braggart.  I was rude.  I had no idea what it meant to have a digital footprint.  I used it as a means to communicate my negative thoughts and feelings that should not have been communicated to anyone but the individuals about whom I was feeling and thinking and maybe not even them.  Some things just do not need to be shared outside the confines of one’s own brain.

Facebook causes all kinds of miscommunication and desocialization for everyone.  I personally have lost friends as a result of my, and their, Facebook use and misuse. Facebook has certainly done nothing to ease the daily anxiety I feel pulsing through my veins.

Facebook is a jerk.  And it turns people into jerks.

There is the ugly business of unfriending people. Sometimes, the people we unfriend, or who unfriend us, are inconsequential.  Other times, the consequences are life-changing.

attention 2

attention 4

There is the obnoxious problem of bragging … every.single.picture and status update screams, “LOOK AT ME! LOOK AT MY LIFE!  LOOK HOW FABULOUS I AM!”

attentionattention 3

There’s the over-sharing that no one thinks twice about.

But I have it because I DO like to share certain pictures of Husband, Girlfriend, and Monkey. I DO like to share an opinion here and there about a song, or a show, or a book, or something that occurs to me. I DO like to keep in touch with those people I would not have any communication with otherwise. I DO like to use it as a resource. There are a lot of good people on Facebook. For these reasons, I have Facebook. Without it, I would be standing on the outside of our customary culture, by myself, for really no good reason.

But I do hate it. I will always hate it.  I hate the things it’s ruined.  I hate its ubiquity.  I hate that in order to stay in touch with people, I kinda have to have it.

Right now, I’m in a good place with Facebook.  I know every single “friend” on my list.  I like and respect every single “friend” on my list.  There is not one single “friend” on my list who annoys the hell out of me.  And I am pretty sure they could all say the same about me.

Nothing will ever change the simple fact, though.  I hate Facebook.



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