Will Either Of My Kids Have Moxie?

Looking to read some great stuff and laugh at the same time? Then you’ve got to read this post by fellow Blogger, My Least Favorite Child Today.

My Least Favorite Child Today

July 22, 2016

I’m a typical Dad.  I want my kids to be safe, happy and healthy.  I want them to be smart and well adjusted.  I want them to be thoughtful and kind.  But more than all that standard crap I want them to have Moxie!

My desire is to have entertaining kids with pluck.  I want them to be fascinating scamps who will do precocious things you never expect that catch you a little off guard and leave people amazed. The type of kids who always turn up in viral videos that get millions of hits because they’re full of spunk and spirit. The problem is they’re not giving me that.  They’re giving me this.


Sure, they’re cute but they’re not Mayim Bialik in Beaches.

ccbloom(OK, maybe I don’t need them to have this much moxie.)

Is being precocious hereditary?  If so, they’re got a 50/50 shot.  I…

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