#IMWAYR 7/25/16

posting IMWAYR

This is my first It’s Monday What Are You Reading? post and I am so excited to participate! As an avid reader, I am going to blog about both what I am reading as an adult as well as what I am reading to my own children and my students! Who knows, maybe I’ll even start posting this on my school blog since I love to share with parents what we’re reading at school.

What I’m Reading

I’m currently reading Annie Barrows’ The Truth According to Us.

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I read and loved a previous book, The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society which was written entirely in an epistolary format.  This new book follows in somewhat the same form but not straight through.  I’ll admit that I don’t love it as much as I did her first, but that could be because I have a lot of interruptions in my reading right now that I did not have when I read *Guernsey.  I’m trying to figure out the point of all of the characters and what this truth is that is constantly referenced.

At the same time, I’m reading A Song of Ice and Fire:  A Game of Thrones which I love.

post IMWAYR 3

If you’re a fan of the HBO show Game of Thrones, you know this is a beautifully written set of stories that the show emulated perfectly until the show became its own thing outside of the books.

I’m also reading, in bits and pieces, John Holt’s How Children LearnRaising Cain by Dan Kindlon, and Masterminds & Wingmen by Rosalind Wisemen.


What I Read

I recently read and loved Donna Tarrt’s Secret History.

post IMWAYR 7

I read most of her book, The Goldfinch but gave it up 3/4 of the way through because I thought it was depressing.  I was waiting and waiting for something great to happen to the main character but when I realized nothing was going to, I just stopped.  However, the author’s prose was deeply moving.  I was led to her first book, Secret History, which I absolutely loved, finding it to be a compulsive page-turner rife with rich characters and intense mystery.

What I Plan to Read

I’ve read it before, but I plan to read it again, and that is The First Six Weeks of School.

post IMWAYR 8

I’ll be teaching a brand new grade soon – first grade!  After 14 years of teaching second graders (and loving it!), I’ve decided to change things up a bit.  Ever inspirational, this book always gives me a little boost before I take my first steps back into the classroom each August.


What are you reading??  Comment below!


3 thoughts on “#IMWAYR 7/25/16

  1. Sue Jackson says:

    Wow, interesting. I read The Secret History at the beginning of this year and found it horribly dark and depressing! Had trouble finishing it. But I read The Goldfinch last year and LOVED it – found it very compelling and riveting! Funny. I know The Secret History is a favorite of many people, but I just found it too hopeless.

    I read Raising Cain many, many years ago when my own two sons were young 🙂

    And I didn’t know that Annie Barrows had a new novel out! Glad to hear it – I loved Guernsey, too.

    Enjoy your books this week –


    2016 Big Book Summer Challenge

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    • ALR says:

      That is funny, Sue!! Different perspectives on the same books. I was excited when I saw Barrows’ new book. Her kids’ series Ivy and Bean are super cute. Raising Cain has been great!!


  2. Elisabeth Ellington says:

    I did love the Guernsey Literary book when it came out. Will have to look for this new book soon! I am also a huge fan of Secret History–a book I’ve actually read more than once, which rarely happens with books for grown-ups. I think I bailed about 2/3 through Goldfinch. It was well-written, but the plot didn’t seem to move forward in the way I expected. I wonder if I would find Raising Cain a useful read. As you know from my blog, I’m very committed to developing and protecting my son’s emotional life! I generally find that if the parenting book isn’t filtered through the trauma lens, it’s hard for apply to my situation. Hope you have a great reading week!

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