Sunday Afternoon

I talk a lot about summer.  Mainly because summer is my favorite season. Well, today was just another amazing summer day to add to my collection of memories.

Sometimes, we just need to get away from, well – stuff.  The original plan for today was to visit my mom and dad, G and P, at what I like to call their Villa- all four of us – me, Husband, Girlfriend, and Monkey. Unfortunately, Monkey has a nasty bum rash probably caused by and definitely exacerbated by some tummy upsets which may or may not take root from good ‘ole teething. Plus he was a bear and needed a nap bad. Husband elected to stay home with him while Girlfriend and I headed to The Villa.

We had a great time.  Upon arrival, G and P were in the pool so that’s where we joined them. For well over an hour, we four just floated, talked, and laughed. We later settled ourselves at the picnic table and snacked on fresh summer fruit along with crunchy chips and sweet peach salsa.  Girlfriend and I continued to work on our index cards while we four kept up the chatter. Once inside, G and I caught up on news and such while Girlfriend watched The Weather Channel, her new favorite, with P and the family dog.

Really, it was a lovely day full of simplicities, sunshine, and family.  A lovely summer day that I know months from now I will recollect as one of my favorite summer memories.



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