Family Vacation

We are not well-traveled people.  That’s by choice.  We did not grow up well-traveled, either. I  have done more traveling than Husband, but never outside of the US until I was an adult.

As a married couple, we visited Aruba for our honeymoon in 2003 and we loved it. We met a fabulous couple there who lives close by to us – you know who you are! – and we are still in touch.   I could have stayed and stayed but Husband was so ready to come home after a week. He missed his cats. I did, too. But not so much that I wanted to ditch this other world!

A couple of years later, we went to Mexico. It was just eh. I had an issue with the glitzy hotel we stayed at that was built smack in the middle of poverty. We met another amazing couple though – you know who you are! – and to this day, we are still in touch (thank you Facebook!).

Since having Girlfriend, we have considered visiting locations within the US at some point … California and Florida, namely, to experience the coastlines and the different landscapes, meet new people and breathe new air. We even talked about traveling to Aruba with her.  We didn’t.  There are things that got in the way.  Then we had our little Monkey Man. And, now, honestly, I am not sure – no, I know it – I do not want to travel with all of the craziness occurring in the world literally every week.

Our vacations have been limited to the ocean and lake, both under 2 hours from our home. And we have wonderful memories of swimming, playing, shell, rock, and sea glass collecting, ice cream by moonlight, dress-up dinners out, trolley tours, rainy days at museums, hikes through the woods. We have loads of pictures that we look back on joyfully. We are so lucky that we’ve had beach friends to visit and a family lake cottage to stay in.

This summer, tomorrow in fact, we are going to do something very similar yet very different. We are going to vacation by the lake but this time it’s a resort, a village, a place where there will be tons of other families with children in the same community.

Our cottage will be spotless and sparkling when we get there, and while we will maintain that level of cleanliness, we will not have to spend a minute before we leave putting it back that way because we are not the owners. There are people who work there who will do this for us.

We will  not drive to reach the lake or the pool.  It’s practically outside our front door.

We will not chop our own wood for fires. A person will make daily deliveries to us so that each night, we will have fresh firewood for the campfire that’s right there in our cottage yard.

We will not have to throw our clothes in a dirty pile and carry it all home. There is a laundromat right there.

There’s an amazing pool, a splash pad, mini-golf, an arcade, fishing spots, boat rentals, a playground, all right there on-site.

The only thing missing is meals being prepared for us. However, we have a full kitchen in our cottage with a coffee maker, a stove, a fridge, utensils, pots, and pans. If you know me in real life, you know that Husband is a master chef so we will be eating “like royalty” as we always do.

You might call this our first real vacation. Girlfriend is calling it our vacation get-away.

A get-away it is.  And we can’t wait!

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