Last week, we took a family vacation. It was glorious, I tell you!

Using the writing form that educator Natalie Taylor, author of an extremely moving memoir titled Signs of Life, assigned her students, I’ve chosen to describe our best vacation moments in 5-word sentences. I think Natalie may have told her students 4 or 6, I can’t remember, but 5 it is.

~Morning coffee by the water.

~Splashing in the refreshing pool.

~Tube-floating on the lake.

~Daily walks with sweet Monkey.

~Girlfriend made a new friend.

~Constant outdoor play = awesome naps!

~Falling asleep to crickets chirping.

~S’mores by the crackling campfire.

~Uninterrupted reading under the covers.

~We ate icecream for dinner.

~I almost won at mini-golf!







21 thoughts on “Lakeside

  1. margaretsmn says:

    I love the structure of this slice, and I’m adding it to my “You can do this” list for my students. But most of all I enjoyed a piece of the peace and fun of your vacation. Thanks.

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  2. Elisabeth Ellington says:

    I really love this form too. Sometimes (often!) some kind of imposed structure or form is the only thing that gets me slicing. Definitely adding this to my Pinterest board. Is Taylor’s entire book written this way, or is this an assignment she does with her students? Love the photos–looks so peaceful. This is definitely the route we are going next year on vacation. My son has already decided: beachfront cottage in Oregon with our new dog, long beach walks, video game marathons. Sounds perfect!

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