Room 105 – Day 2

Girlfriend joined me for the second day in a row, and I am so grateful for her company, her help, and her patience. It’s not easy being in a sweltering-hot classroom with not very much to do all day but this little lady did it! We enjoyed our lunches together in the Teacher’s Room, and she loved walking around the building by herself – she’s been coming here with me since she was 2; this was the first year I let her go where she needed to go (bathroom, vending machine, for a walk) by herself.

There were moments through the day when I believed “this” wasn’t going to get done. I had so much stuff (not really) and so little space (totally false) and limited time (truth to the maximum).

I left after 6 hours. The bones were laid. But nothing was set. This is what it was:

day 2 b

day 2 c

day 2


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