Room 105 – Day 3

Today, I thought I was going to throw up. Literally. Throw up. Vomit. Toss my cookies. Up-chuck. I could not get my brain wrapped around this new room, this new space. Where the hell was it all going to go?  Where were all of my books going to live? Where would all of the learning magic happen? Where were all of the materials going to be stored?

This isn’t second grade. Second grade is over. I did second grade. I have years of second grade in my head. I’m in first grade now. These kids are even littler. This is their first full-day school experience. They are coming in one way, and they are going to leave another way. I get to be part of this. I want them to love their new classroom, their new classmates, their new learning journey.

I watched the clock ticking away. Laughing at me. Taunting.

One of my goals, going into first grade, was to make my classroom a truly literate environment where every single child has access to great books, not in just one spot (“the classroom library”) but everywhere through the room. I wanted books- leading to a love of reading – to permeate this learning space.

I also wanted writing to be possible everywhere in the room.

And I wanted a sense of community and belonging threaded throughout.

At noon today, I was still feeling waist-deep in uncertainty.

Hours passed. I worked. I thought. I worked some more.

4:00 hit. I think I might be getting really close to those goals!

This is Room 105 on Day 3.

day 3 a

The meeting rug.

day 3 b

Length of the classroom from half across the room, looking to the entry of the class next door.

day 3 c

Desk space. Four groups of 4.

day 3 d

The front of the classroom, about half. Great storage shelving behind that curtain!

day 3 g

The other half. A round rug is hopefully going in so the kids can have this little reading corner.

day 3 e

My desk area with a hall window in front, another storage space behind curtains, and my teaching table, for Guided Reading, mainly.

day 3 f

View from the front.

day 3 i.JPG

My desk.


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