Welcome to Room 105.


Today, the room is ready.

Ready for kids.

Ready for learning.

Ready for new adventures.

The room is ready.

I am ready.

Today, I feel more ready than I have since committing to teach first graders.

Today, I feel extremely hopeful.

Today, I feel secure.

Today, I feel like, I can do this.

There is so much love in this room. Previous Teacher helped when she left everything there for me, ready for me. Husband helped when he moved everything where it needed to be. Girlfriend helped when she organized, labeled, and let. Next Door Neighbor is there, with her smile, her laugh, her friendship, her collegial guidance. Guardian Angel is there, watching.

I have my books. I have my supplies.

I’m ready.

Let’s do this first grade rock and roll show!

ready 1

ready 19

ready 2

ready 3

ready 4

ready 5

ready 6

ready 7

ready 8

ready 9

ready 11

ready 12

ready 13

ready 14

ready 15

ready 18




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