Leaving Summer Behind


Soon, we will say goodbye to summer.For me, school has started. For Girlfriend, school will start after Labor Day (as it should). With Labor Day Weekend just a day away, I am mournful but also … happy.

We have one last weekend to enjoy all that summer offers: the time to slow way down, the simplicity of just being at home with family, enjoying the backyard, and the knowledge that there’s no where we have to be.

Once this weekend has ended, it will still be summer on the calendar but in my mind and heart, Summer 2016 will be over. And we will welcome Fall.

I’m going to miss this summer. I’m going to miss the days that just lay ahead of us, plans being whatever we wanted them to be. I’m going to miss our trips to the beach, the hard-earned vacation we took down in Massachusetts where we met some new friends. I’m going to miss waking up when my kids did, not to the unwelcome blare of the alarm clock.

I’m going to remember our trips to the library on hot days, our stops to get iced coffees and cookies, our adventures driving through unknown local neighborhoods as we enjoyed our treats and listened to Raffi Radio.

I’m going to eat with gratitude those last delicious tomatoes from G and P’s garden.

It’s hard to leave summer behind.

But summer is a loyal friend who returns always. We will get her back in 2017.



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