Top Ten Tuesday – Top Ten Books According to My Toddler

blog top ten tuesday

I love this top ten post initiated by Unleashing Readers!  Monkey loves to read and at even though he’s barely 18 months, he definitely has his favorites!

Currently, his top ten are:


He loves the playfulness of the song tune, “Itsy Bitsy Spider,” as well as the colorful pictures. He enjoys pointing to the pumpkins and the little witch!


This one never seems to get old!  We sing it with or without the book. The book has beautiful illustrations.

Karen Katz never disappoints. He LOVES lifting the flaps in these three books.


The colors in this one are so engaging! I love the counting, too.


Another lift-the-flap book, plus you can’t beat the crinkly sounds of the flaps!


A classic song in a sweetly illustrated book. We sing this one over, and over, and over, and over … you get the idea.


Who wouldn’t love this adorable bunny Nicholas?!


This is an oldie I bought in a grocery store years ago when Girlfriend was still a baby. It’s nothing special, but Monkey LOVES it!


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