The Time Is Now.


I’ve been back at work – real work – the work I do in my classroom, with colleagues, with kids – for about three weeks.

In these 4 days, I’ve learned been reminded that it does not matter how diligently I plan my lessons.  They are going to change and it’s going to be fine because I know how to handle such situations. I’ve been handling such situations with more and more ease over the last 15 years. I would like it better if things went according to my precise planning, but really. I don’t live in a fantasy world. Constant change is an occupational hazard in my profession. Take today, for example. I had to skip over something, re-arrange something else, and move a 3rd plan to an entirely different day. Admittedly, I had a little psychosomatic angina over the whole thing. But, I didn’t die. The kids were fine. Things got done. There’s tomorrow, too.

I’ve learned been reminded that however long I spend thinking out a plan to maximize my time each day, I am going to do what feels natural at the time. Take today, for example. If I told you how many weeks I’ve spent thinking about the best way to pick up Monkey and Girlfriend and get us all home at a reasonable hour in the late afternoon, you would think me nuts. Yep, I spent that much time considering the various routes I could take, shouldn’t take, probably would take. And today, with very little thought, I just went with the one I felt like. I got to where I needed to be in plenty of time and we were home before 5. I’m so glad I spent my many days thinking so hard about that best travel route!

I used up way too much mental energy between May and August, envisioning the set-up to my new classroom, drawing it out in a map, changing it around, only to have the final layout look nothing like what I thought it would. How often has that happened? Very often!

I’m a worrier. Not a planner. A worrier. And in my worry, I plan and plan and plan. And then when the 11th hour strikes, I do what I want to do, what I can do, what I have to do. A lot of times, I follow the plan. Sometimes, I don’t because I can’t, or something better pops up. But it always works out. Always.

The reality is, I need to trust myself more.

When am I ever going to learn that while it’s good to have a plan, and write things down, and be prepared, it is absolutely no good to toil over those plans because they can change, they will change, they do change, and I know it?


The time is now.



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