Actually, I AM Changing the World …

So, Inauguration Week. Saying goodbye to our beloved Obama (who wasn’t beloved by everyone, let’s remember that, okay?). “Welcoming” our new President. The Women’s Marches that went global.

I had some friends who marched. I admire, so much, their passion to stand up for what they believe and make their voices heard.


I must live under a rock because I had NO IDEA these marches were being organized until the week prior. And even then, I didn’t understand what they were for. I wish I had. I would have marched.

I’m not well-informed in politics. I will admit to that. I’m not an ignorant citizen. My parents are informed. I was more informed when I lived with them but we didn’t talk a lot, I sort of just listened. Husband is informed but we don’t talk a lot about politics, either. My former best friend was well-informed but one of her quirks was, she didn’t share her views in conversation, just on Facebook (like so many other things she shares only on Facebook … weird.)

The thing is, I’ve just never felt like I NEEDED to know what was happening in Washington. If something bad was going on, I’d know about it. Right?

This election changes things a bit. I want to know. I don’t trust what’s going on. DONALD TRUMP is our President? What?

(note: I will take up my dad’s position on this: Let’s just watch … what else can we do? We voted for Hillary, we tried, now let’s see … because good trumps evil, love trumps hate … it WILL be ok, even if WE need to make it ok)

I watched loads of coverage yesterday on the Women’s March. I had moments of thinking, I wish I was there. I wish I was passionate about things that I KNOW matter. Things that I stand for. Things that make a difference. I wish I was part of change.

Simultaneously, I was writing a WEEKLY UPDATE for my first grade classroom.

And it hit me.

I AM changing things. One kid at a time.

I am a teacher.

I teach first graders.

Every single day, I have the chance to inspire young minds. I have the chance to lead them in the direction of freedom, of choice, of change. I have the chance to help them make good choices, to see themselves as people capable of kindness, to believe they CAN.

And that’s a really good way to change the world. To offer a contribution to it.

The reality is, I am who I am. I often live inside my head. I think good thoughts. I think good hopes. I try to be a really good person. And I teach young kids. That has to count for something.


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