The Lovely Bones


Hands-down, my all-time favorite.

Hands down, The Lovely Bones is my all-time favorite book.  I was 26 at the time I read it.  I remember standing in Barnes and Noble, the one in Nashua, perusing through the New Fiction, when it caught my eye.  I’ve always loved a good who-dunnit mystery.  I adore books that really grab on to a specific period in history to make the story’s setting come to life in my imagination.  Meeting good characters is sort of like meeting new friends. This book captivated me from the very first page.  Given the genre, the setting, the characters, and the pull, this book was a winner all-around.  Shortly after purchasing it, I came down with a stubborn bronchitis that landed me out of work for over a week.  Perfect timing, as I could not put this book down.  I read it so fast, in fact, I had to read it two more times to really absorb it.  Imagine my utter delight when the book was finally made into a movie!  To prepare, I read the book again.  Although it wasn’t a great adaptation, and the cast was rather weak, the setting was amazing, the acting fine, the story told.  I read it two more times after that.  It’s a beautiful book that will always get rave reviews from me!