Would you believe me if I said that we’ve known one another since we were 17?  It’s the truth.  Mathematically, that is a very long time … 23 years. That’s a really long time.  Yet, it seems like no time at all has passed.  I can easily reach back into my memory, pick any year since December 1993, and I’m back there with him.  We have thousands of memories together, most good, some bad, but all together.

It sounds silly to say we met in high school, which we did, so I will be more specific.  We met in Newport, Rhode Island while on a fieldtrip to the mansions after reading The Great Gatsby in English class.  I had heard of him here and there, I knew who he was, but we hadn’t really talked and we definitely had not spent any time together.  We did not have the same friends and we did not live in the same town.  We were at a Catholic high school that merged kids from several locales.  I was from a small town, he was from the city.  The day we met, he was wearing yellow jeans.  I’m not kidding.  Yellow jeans.  And black sneakers.  A Bruins t-shirt.  And a huge Bruins coat.  That’s my man!  ♥

Anyway, we found ourselves in the same tour group.  Our guide was a lovely older lady who was quite theatrical.  My husband imitated her to perfection. I could not stop laughing.  I had never met someone who made me laugh as much as this teenage boy.

As all things do, the fieldtrip came to an end and we went home.  I saw him sometime later, when a fellow student ignited a stink bomb in our school. We were allowed to go outside to get some fresh air or walk about the building.  In my travels, I saw him out on the front steps of the main entrance and went over to say hello.  We chatted for a few minutes and I continued on.

The following school year, senior year, he transferred into my religion class.  We became friends.  He asked me out on a date.  I said yes.

He’s a good man, a good father, a good husband, and a good friend.  We have our moments.  A lot of them.  I never know if it’s me, him, or a combination.  We have very different attitudes and very different opinions. We balance each other out.

I have never loved him more than when he became a father to our children. Every day, I am moved by his love for them, his patience and commitment, his open heart, and his playfulness.  I love you, babe. ♥

bruins 2