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One of the best things about the internet is the astonishing amount of good information it offers. Because I’m completely addicted to good information and welcome any link that sends me to such, I’ve created this awesome page for not only my own use, but yours as well. If you occupy the same interests as I, you will likely find something here that meets your needs.




Writing Workshop

The Right to Write:  Starting With What Matters Most. – Teachers!!  You have GOT to read this engaging and powerful read by Stacey Schubitz, a writer for my absolute favorite writing website, Two Writing Teachers. She argues why students must be given TIME to WRITE, and she argues why it is implausible to use integration as a replacement for real writing instruction.

Where Have All the Narratives Gone?– Why is it so hard for kids to write personal narratives and realistic fiction? This teacher-author, Lisa Keeler of Two Writing Teachers, nails it.

Starting With What Matters Most – Teacher-author Dana Murphy explains why the audience for our writing is a must-have.


The Great Debate: Homework

Rethinking Homework – Ahhhh, homework. An awesome blog post written by fellow blogger, Shari, at Islands of my Soul.


Why I Don’t Want My Daughter to Have a Best Friend – This is a sensitively written post about teaching our girls the meaning of friendship.