Our daughter, now 7 1/2,  was planned down to the second.  Our son … mmmm …. nope, not so much.

We never planned on having two children. I got asked ALL the time about having more kids.  My response, “We don’t really want more,” was never met with a nod and the beginning of a new conversation. Instead, I heard things like, “Oh, you can’t have just ONE,” “That’s just playing house, if you have just one,” “What will your daughter do without a sibling?” and other like remarks. So of course, I started wondering, why aren’t we having more? Do we really not want more? That’s when the excuses came up … money … time … work … energy … but none of those reasons was ever met with a nod either. I heard it all, from, “You make it work,” “No one can afford their kids,” “Your daughter would thrive with a sibling!” and other like remarks.

Still. We weren’t budging. We meant it. We weren’t having more kids. And then. And THEN. One day this past summer … August 2014 … I’m just goin’ along, mindin’ my own business, livin’ my life, hangin’ out in the yoga studio and drinkin’ pressed juices and salads, when it occurred to me that not EVERYTHING was the same as it had been before. There was something very different going on. Maybe it was my impending 39th birthday, you know, my AGE. Maybe it was family medical history creeping up. Maybe … maybe … no. The only thing different, I discovered … I was pregnant and we were due to have a brand new baby in April 2015.

It’s funny how life can change in an instant, for both good or bad. T

There’s so much more to this truly beautiful story, but I think Alannis Morisette sums it up perfectly, for now: “life has a funny way of sneakin’ up on you when you think everything’s okay and everything’s goin’ right … and life has a funny wayof helpin’ you out when you think everything’s gone wrong and everything blows up In your face …”

new baby